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The Mission of PROTIGER is to promote healthy and active lifestyle. We want each and everyone to find the application appropriate for them. We give you our experience, strength and motivation!

PROTIGER brand has been created out of passion for a healthy and active life. Many years of experience as well as close cooperation of coaches, nutritionists, doctors and physiotherapists with the enthusiasts of the latest technologies: physically active professionals from the IT industry gave rise to a common, praiseworthy idea: health anytime and anywhere. By downloading our applications, you have access to specific health issues, whenever you like! You can exercise, eat properly and develop your personality any place and at any time! Applications will remind you about a systematic approach, the intensity and the optimization of physical activity as well as mental well-being. In addition, they will provide you with the information about the ingredients of meals, they will count the calories and will motivate you when you run out of power. In this way, you will reach the designated a goal.

Be like Tiger and change your life for the better!

PROTIGER is your personal trainer!

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Our applications include recipes for every day of the week. They have been developed in cooperation with a professional nutritionist. Reminder option has been included in the application so that everyone remembers about their meals. The diets are varied and they reach a wide audience. Certainly, everyone will find applications for themselves.

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Applications with exercises

Motivating for active lifestyle, we have prepared for you applications with specific trainings. The scoring mechanism, and levels of advancement of training lead to the rapid progress for the users of the application.

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PROTIGER is not only a brand offering mobile apps. PROTIGER promotes physical activity and motivates to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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